Monday, November 30, 2009

Umeed, Hope, Espoir, Hoop, Hoffnung, Speranza, Esperança; July 20 2009

This comes out as a result of reflection upon a lot of stuff that I have read.

The power of human words cannot, ever, be undermined. That we possess the ability to make the impossible possible is not an exaggerated phrase. It is very much central to how humans tend to do things. It is all in the head! Yes, that is what I think.

For us to develop and strive, being pragmatic is fairly understandable. But what that pragmatic approach needs is something to supplement its implementation. That something is what a person thinks. That something is what goes on in the mind. That something is how the issue at hand is perceived by the person. That something is in the head.

Observing our society through different interactions with it, I have formed my opinion, which is, as always, open to rejection/disapproval, that being so overwhelmed by the world, we have started seeing even the possible as impossible.

Pessimism has crept into our society fast. Despair never looms alone. It is a direct consequence of happening events. In our society, for example, things such as debate on religion, economic strife, lack of confidence in the leadership are all factors that have played their parts in bringing out pessimism in its true form from many of us. To many of us, life is ok as it is. For many of us, the phases where one loses confidence and deprecation rules over our souls are more frequent than the frequency of alternating current perhaps. Bad attempt at utilizing my scientific knowledge?

What we really need is a breath of fresh air in the garden tormented to death by the winter winds. Hope is the word supplementing smart actions. Optimism is the fresh air. Pessimisn needs to be done away with. WE CAN is the phrase. WE CAN'T must be out-fashioned.

Umeed, Hope, Espoir, Hoop, Hoffnung, Speranza, esperança

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